Signs of a Struggling Student

Sometimes the first sign of a struggling student is a report card, other times the signs are not so clear...a child who suddenly doesn't want to go to school, spends longer and longer amounts of time trying to complete homework, or who says the teacher doesn't like him...all are subtle signs that intervention is needed. Some children may need specific skills taught within a subject area, while others may need help with organization, study skills, and the completion of homework.

Every child from time to time does not “want” to do their homework or to study, but if you see several of these signs on a regular basis you should consider seeking the help of a tutor.

  • Becomes easily frustrated
  • Lacks self-motivation
  • Has difficulty staying on task
  • Takes longer than normal to complete written work
  • Begins to argue with you over school work
  • Becomes anxious and stressed about homework
  • Starts to leave books and assignments at school
  • Has difficulty following directions
  • Seems to work longer and harder with little or no improvement
  • Is no longer organized and forgets projects and tests dates
  • Turns in incomplete homework or none at all
  • Makes frequent and careless errors
  • Seems to have trouble with note-taking skills
  • Struggles with basic reading, writing, math, or spelling skills
  • Has difficulty remembering and does not retain learned skills
  • Makes negative comments about the teacher or about school in general
  • Receives notes home from teachers about classroom misconduct