Talking With Your Student About Tutoring

As adults, we often forget how difficult it may be for young people to recognize the need for help and how to ask for it. Struggling students often do not understand why they feel frustrated and may not know how to ask for help.

If your student is having trouble in school, asking the following questions may help you to determine exactly what the problem is and if using a tutor will help.


If your student says... "My classes are too tough this year!"


  • Are you worried about your grades?
  • Do you have trouble understanding what you need to do to bring up your grade?
  • Does the class move too fast for you to keep up?


If your student says..."I’m not getting any help from my teacher"


  • Have you asked the teacher for help after class?
  • Does he/she after a study class before or after school?
  • Do you find you can't study well with friends?


If your student says..."I don’t understand why I can’t get it all done."


  • Are you having trouble completing your homework?
  • When you turn in your work, does the teacher say that what you did was not what she asked for?
  • Do you have trouble getting started with projects or essays? Is getting organized a problem?


If your student says..."I hate taking tests!"


  • What makes you nervous about the tests?
  • Do you score lower than you thought you would, even when you have studied hard?
  • Do the test questions seem confusing or tricky?


If your student says..."I'm bored."


  • Does the class move too fast or too slow?
  • Do you want new challenges, more books, or to become involved in an extra activity?
  • Do you want to qualify for accelerated or honors courses, or for college credits
    by exam, but need help preparing for them?


If your student says..."I want to go to college, but I don’t know where to start."


  • Do you need help preparing for college entrance exams?
  • Have you talked with the guidance counselor about your goals?
  • Do you need help reviewing or completing college applications?
  • Do you need help finding or completing scholarship applications?