Tutoring Tips

Students entering a tutoring session should be prepared physically and emotionally. This allows for all of the session time to be focused on tutoring.

The student should be well-rested, have a snack, use the restroom, and get a drink before tutoring starts. In addition to personal comfort, it is important to consider the physical needs of a tutoring session. Make sure there is a comfortable place to work that will be largely free of distractions, and that all necessary materials are available.

Emotional preparation is equally important for effective tutoring. Students should strive to be relaxed and open to learning new things. Beginning with feelings of anxiety or stress can greatly affect the tutoring session.

The following tips will help to make each tutoring session a success:

  • Clearly set realistic goals and expectations.
  • Set a schedule for the tutoring and stick to it.
  • Create an area conducive to studying in your home.
  • Eliminate distractions during tutoring sessions.
  • Students should always be prepared for tutoring sessions.
  • Students should be encouraged to ask questions and really listen to the answers.
  • Students should review and practice what is learned betweeen tutoring sessions.
  • Involve the student in the tutor selection process.
  • Observe your student interacting with the tutor.
  • Ask the student for feedback after each tutoring session.
  • Constantly monitor and evaluate the progress the student is making.