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Starting out with HomeSchooling

Whether you are new to home-schooling or a veteran, these are helpful steps to help you maintain a successful program.
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Step 1 - Know the Law.

Understand the “Types of Home School Programs” and what your state requires.

Step 2 - File the Appropriate Forms.

File your state’s/district’s Letter of Intent to home school. Always maintain originals or clean copies of any forms that are submitted.

Step 3 - Choose the Curriculum.

Do you plan to follow your state's benchmarks?  Purchase an Abeka program?  Piece together you own material based on your student’s interests?  Or enroll in online courses?  There are many options and this is a big decision.  Research all of your options and choose wisely. Solicit the advice of others if you are unsure before purchasing materials that you may not be able to return.

Step 4 - Getting Started.

Decide how much instructional assistance, if any, that you will need.  Set-up the "classroom" in your home and remember to keep accurate records of attendance and work completed. Many states refer to this as a "portfolio". It is also advisable to plan ahead for instruction, so that you can start each school day prepared.

Step 5 - Choosing a Tutor.

If you need an instructor or just plan to supplement with a tutor, let us know. We will gladly find the right tutor who will fit your individual needs. We follow a step-by-step process that has proven to be tremendously successful for thousands of clients across the nation. Our personal and professional approach to private tutoring means that our clients can expect the very best experience when they are searching for a tutor.

Step 6 - Annual Evaulation

Each state requires different methods of evaluation. The student’s annual progress must be measured ( i.e.  SAT, state standardized tests, psychological evaluation, evaluation by a certified teacher, etc.) Make sure that you plan for the evaluation from the beginning of the program.  Know the state laws and follow them.