Defining Tutoring Expectations

The goal of any tutoring experience is to improve the knowledge or skills of the student, and the relationship between the student and the tutor is paramount to that success. Not unlike teachers, tutors are held to high standards both ethically and professionally.

Most tutors will work dilligently to help each student succeed, but do not expect your tutor to do any work for you or help you to answer questions on a test that is yet to be graded.

In addition, do not expect your tutor to know everything, just like classroom teachers, tutors may need time to prepare for a session. This does not mean they are not capable of teaching the material, only that they need extra time to insure that the method of instruction used is best suited to the student's individual learning style.

Tutors will...

keep your personal infomation confidential

ease your fears about a subject

work with you until you understand the material

display patience

help you improve academically

Tutors will not...

do your homework for you

write your assignments

know everything about a subject

help with a make-up, take-home, or online test

just give you the answers