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Standardized Test Preparation Programs for Schools

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In preparing for State Standardized Tests, our best resource is the diagnostic results from a previously administered test. We can also provide a basic assessment test for a student at no additional charge.  This helps us to accurately determine the student’s current skill level in each tested area. 

The tutor will create a plan of action that includes subject review, practice tests, and test taking tips and strategies. Using a newly completed sample test, a tutor can pinpoint the areas where the student needs the most improvement.  A customized program will be designed based on the individual student and his/her specific needs.

Steps for Success on State Standardized Tests

  • create a separate plan of action for each student to insure success.
  • work with an expert tutor in each area of the test.
  • take weekly practice tests.
  • work with the student on improving specific weaknesses.
  • monitor the student‘s weekly progress to adjust the learning plan as needed.


We have tutors to help students prepare for the CRCT, FACT, ITBS, IDA, CSAP, TCAP, EOY, EOG, and most other state tests.

For information about the PSAT, SAT, and ACT, click here.

To link to your state's information about upcoming stadardized tests, click here.