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Onsite Tutoring Programs for Private Schools

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Lower School Programs

Sing, Spell, Read & Write

We guarantee that your students will read!  We have partnered with the author and developor Sue Dickson, a well-known educator with 27 years of primary grade experience to bring your students the internationaly acclaimed program Sing, Spell, Read & Write.

Build fluent, independent readers through a unique 36-step learning-to-read curriculum built on carefully sequenced, systematic, and explicit phonics instruction. With over 25 years of proven classroom success, Sing, Spell, Read & Write uses music as the primary instructional vehicle. This fun and engaging reading program will have all of your students reading!

Musical Math Facts (1st - 4th)

Students struggling with basic math skills (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) will quickly learn how to count, write, and master all the basic math facts with this fun multi-sensory program! Musical Math is equally effective through individual instruction as with small group learning.

Middle and Upper School Students

SOS skills– Student and Organizational Study skills

The skills necessary for college success are needed long before high school graduation.
Students entering high school rarely understand the long term significance of their academic performance over the next four years. College-bound freshmen need guidance in order to set realistic goals and create an effective plan of action for academic success.

Research shows that without the right organizational and study skills, many students lose the equivalent of one to two years of academic achievements that are crucial to succeeding and reaching future goals.

Regardless of each student’s current knowledge level, with the S.O.S skills program students will achieve overall improvement in setting goals, organization, note-taking, completion of assigned work, test preparation, reading and listening for understanding, and so much more.

This program is designed to coincide with regular classes.  This program requires one 2-hour session a week for 4 weeks.  Classes can be taught on-campus afterschool or on weekends for groups of 5-10 students. This program is also offered to students on an individual basis.

Upper School Students

Target Tutoring for the SAT - 4 weeks to higher scores!

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  1. We have combined the best of both SAT preparation styles:  group lessons and private tutoring sessions.
  2. By offering both methods in a concise manner, we are able to give the student just enough preparation time that they “stick with it” and learn from it.
  3. Small group sessions offer test-taking practice and general tips and strategies at a lower cost to parents.
  4. Private tutoring sessions provide each student with the targeted help they need and allows them to ask questions comfortably and learn at their own pace.
  5. Target Tutoring for the SAT is an optional service that schools can offer to their parents. 
  6. All tutoring for each SAT section is completed in a four week period.
  7. Schools may choose to offer one or more of the SAT section courses (math, critical reading, writing) in the four week period leading up to any SAT testing date. 
  8. On-campus group sessions meet one day a week for 2 hours.
  9. One-on-one private sessions meet one day a week for 2 hours (scheduled directly with the parent).

Private SAT/ACT Instruction

For many students an individualized approach is the best way to meet the specific needs of the learner when preparing for an SAT or ACT test. Parents only pay for the tutoring that the student really needs.  We will provide a tutor specializing in one section (math, science, writing, or reading) of the test to prepare each student.  The tutor will create a plan of action that includes subject review, practice tests, and test-taking tips and strategies.  In preparing for College Entrance Exams the best resource is the diagnostic results from a previously administered test.  Using the diagnostic results, or a newly completed sample test, our tutors can pinpoint the areas where the student needs the most improvement.  A customized program will be designed based on the individual student and his/her specific needs.

  • We create a separate plan of action for each student which ensures success.
  • We only teach one section of the SAT at a time; Math, Critical Reading, or Writing.  With the ACT test, we can combine the science and math sections.
  • We provide “experts” in each area, not one tutor to teach all parts of the test.
  • Students will take weekly practice tests.
  • Tutors work individually with the student on improving specific weaknesses.
  • We create a separate plan of action for each student to insure personal success.
  • The tutor monitors the student‘s weekly progress and will adjust the student’s learning plan as needed.