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GED and Adult Literacy Programs

School Administrator
We have several customized solutions for adult learners. Our tutors are available to instruct students in reading skills, GED preparation, and learning English as a second language. We can assist individuals or groups with instruction in any subject, and can even tailor a personalized new program to meet the individual needs of your learners.


We offer tutors that specialize in each area of the test to help every student acheive the score needed to pass the test.

Our tutors are available to provide a review session, as well as targeted individual session, to insure students will pass the test the first time!

GED can be taught one-on-one or in small group sessions.

Adult Literacy

No one is too old to learn. Our tutors are experienced in working with adult learners and we provide customized materials to help each student to acheive the goals they set.

English as a Second Language

For students whose first language is not English, getting help can be difficult. We offer trained tutors who are experienced in English instruction as a second language.

This type of tutoring is available to students of any age.