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Substitute Teachers for Private Schools

Providing replacements for absent staff, often at the last minute, is a daunting task. Relying on your teachers, utilizing support staff, or even calling upon parents to fill in when a teacher is out, are not the best solutions.

We have a better way!  Our Private School Substitute Program provides you with access to the highest quality instructors and offers the most professional service.

Having a reliable source to call upon for substitutes relives your staff of extra duties, maintains a productive learning environment for students, and preserves your school's professional demeanor.

What are some of the benefits of outsourcing your Substitute Teachers needs?

Substitute Teacher

Save time...

  • No resumes
  • No reference checks
  • No interviews
  • No weekly payroll

Save money...

  • No additional Human Resources hours
  • No additional background check fees
  • No additional payroll taxes
  • No additional unemployment insurance

Once a month invoicing...

  • On-call service
  • One-time service
  • Short-term service

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