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Why Choose Us?

In-home, Daycare, or Library tutoring.

Personal Tutor! 1 to 1.

Flexible Schedule – any days, any times.

No travel or transportation required.

Guaranteed Results!

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What is SES?

Middle School Student

Supplemental Educational Services = Free Tutoring

SES is part of the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) created and regulated by the US Department of Education.

Students eligible for SES tutoring services must attend a Title 1 school that has been identified as “Need Improvement” for 3 years and must also be eligible for the free/reduced lunch program.

Students enrolled in SES will receive FREE services including all tutoring and materials. Students can receive academic help to improve his or her weaknesses in the areas of language arts, mathematics, or science.

Contact your school guidance counselor to find out if your student is eligible for SES services.