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Our SES Programs


Parents play a vital roll in our programs. Our staff works with the parent to select the best program for the student based on the student’s grade level and his or her individual weaknesses.

Middle School Student

Sing, Spell, Read and Write

This program is a complete phonics and reading skills program for K-2nd grade (or struggling 3rd grade) students. Our students and parents absolutely love SSRW because it is FUN! Students play phonics bingo, sing along to catchy songs, play go-fish word games, earn treasure chest rewards while following the raceway progress chart. Students work in kid-friendly workbooks that are packed with fun activities and also read through a series of real books! Every parent surveyed in 2009 gave this program an unwavering "thumbs-up"!

Afterschool Achiever’s Math Club

Students will learn time, money, addition and subtraction, patterns, shapes, and much more in this K-2nd grade math program. Students learn through active thinking and hands-on activities like Math Maze, Pattern Puzzler, Math Jumble, Game Time and Rule-Out Two. Students learn quickly with fun and engaging activities that hold children’s interest while they work one-on-one with the tutor.

Aim Higher! FCAT Series

The main goal for students in 3rd – 12th grades is to meet the Sunshine State Standards and achieve passing scores on the Florida Comprehensive Achievement Test. The Aim Higher! FCAT Series of Language Arts, Mathematics, and Science help students do just that. Our tutors work diligently through the Strands and individual Benchmarks specific to the student’s weaknesses in order to ensure competency in those skills. Any student passing the Post-Test Assessment at the end of this program should achieve a higher level score on his or her next FCAT test.