The Tutor Application Process

Step 1

Complete the Online Application.

Your personal information is protected. Our online application is run through a secure server and encrypted using 128 bit encryption via Thawte - Certification Authority.

Our application will take approximately 20-30 minutes to complete. You can start, take a break, and resume at any time.

  • For your protection, our system will "time-out" if you remain on one page for too long. When you are writing your "Teaching Style" and "Summary of Experience" you may want to write this in a word document, then copy and paste it into the application. Applicants will lose their information if it takes longer than 10 minutes to write.
  • Potential clients will read what you write about yourself. The application must be completed with correct grammar, punctuation, and capitalization. The information you provide (except for personal data) will be viewed by others. Poor use of grammar is not acceptable and you will not receive job opportunities. We are a Parent Choice company, so write about your Teaching Style and Experience knowing that this is what our clients read when selecting a tutor.
  • ONLY choose subjects that you are experienced in and ready to teach a student on a moment's notice. If you meet with a student and you cannot help them because you are "rusty" you will not be paid for that session. We expect our tutors to be experts and act as professionals. Our tutors are not typically homework helpers and are never babysitters.
  • Applications will be denied and removed from the process if the information is not completed in its entirety. Choose subjects wisely, write 3-5 sentences in paragraph form for your "Teaching Style" and "Summary of Experience", and enter all degrees and credentials received in proper writing format (do not use all CAPS).


Step 2

Welcome to Our Team of Tutors.

Upon approval of the online portion of the application, you will receive a welcome email with three documents in html format:

  • Background Check Authorization form – we use ABSO (Absolute Hire) to conduct all of our nationwide criminal background checks, sexual predator checks, local criminal checks, and social security verifications. Upon acceptance of a specific tutoring job we will conduct your background check (no credit check is run) and you will be charged for a $27 processing fee which will be deducted from your first check for payment of services. You will receive a copy of this background check via email for your own personal records. This check is mandatory for every tutor we hire without exception.
  • Independent Contractor's Agreement – this is the agreement between our company and you; it outlines our expectations and your responsibilities. Tutors are not employees; we do not take out taxes; we do not provide benefits or insurance; and we do not reimburse tutors for any unauthorized expenses.
  • Policy and Procedure Review – this is a step by step instruction guide to being an Advanced Learners tutor. Reading this document thoroughly will insure you fully understand our policies and procedures before we provide you with a student for tutoring. You will be required to answers questions about our Policies and Procedures prior to your first tutoring job.


Step 3

Start Tutoring.

When you are contacted for your first possible client depends on many variables such as the time of year, your location, the subjects you tutor, and many other factors. We are a "Parent Choice" company and parents choose which tutors they would like to speak with.

When we do have a parent or student who is ready to speak with you, you will be contacted by phone and by email. Our experience shows that the tutors who respond the quickest and call the client first are usually the ones to get the job.

Once you accept a position with a student, you will receive all the paperwork required in order to be paid. You will have an opportunity to review it and ask questions prior to beginning services.