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Target Tutoring

Using A Step-by-Step Process

Our step-by-step process has proven to be tremendously successful for thousands of clients across the nation.  Our personal and professional approach to private tutoring means that our clients can expect the very best experience when they are searching for a tutor.
Step by Step Process

Step 1

Listen.  We really listen to you to find out exactly what your student's needs are.  Based on the information we receive regarding grade level, subject, location, and  any other special requests (like schedule, male or female, certifications, special needs, etc. ),  we hand-pick a selection of matching tutors for you to review, usually within minutes.

Step 2

Selected Tutor Review.   We then send you a list of the matched tutors we have selected specifically for you.  Upon receipt, you will be able to review each tutor's profile and basic information. A tutor profile includes a written biography of the tutor's professional experience, a summary of their teaching style, and lists all degrees, certifications, and licenses they currently hold.

Step 3

Conduct Phone Interviews.   After reviewing the list of available tutors, we encourage you to speak with as many tutors as you wish.  Speaking with the tutors on the phone allows you to explain your needs and expectations and most importantly, to get a feel for each tutor’s personality.  We do this because we understand that parents know their children best and that choosing the right tutor is so important.  We know that finding you the best tutor means more that just sending a qualified teacher into your home, and that for any student to truly learn, the tutor and student must be able to quickly develop a positive rapport.

Step 4

Initial Meeting.  Once a tutor has been selected, the next step is to arrange an initial meeting.  The tutor will help you to create a tutoring schedule that meets your needs and enables the student to meet the academic goals you set within a reasonable amount of time.  The commitment you make to the tutoring will reflect in the student's academic progress.

Step 5

Follow up.  Our professional staff stays in contact with you throughout this entire process and remains available to assist you with all of your academic needs.  We want to ensure that you have spoken with a tutor that will meet your needs.  Moreover, we want to make sure that the tutor you have chosen will be the right tutor for your student!