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Having trouble in English class? Is English Literature too hard to understand? Are you overwhelmed by all the grammar rules in English? We have English experts who will help you navigate through any area of English. If you need help writing, speaking, or understanding English, we have the perfect tutors for you. Our English tutors will make you feel comfortable with English and successful in the classroom. Our English tutors will work with you until you feel comfortable.

College Tutors

We do not believe in students teaching students. When you are in need of a college level professional to help you grasp a difficult subject, you will receive a highly qualified and credentialed tutor from our list of professional college tutors. Every tutor we hire holds a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, but most of our college level tutors hold masters and PhD’s. We are confident that when we offer you a college level tutor that you will be impressed with their experience as well.

Las Vegas Tutors

With one of the largest and fastest growing communities of school age children, we have been proudly helping students find academic success in Las Vegas for many years. Our reputation as a premium service is evident in the hundreds of testimonials we have received from parents, students, and schools across Las Vegas and the surrounding areas.

Our highly customized service means that you determine exactly who your tutor will be, where the tutoring will take place, and for how long. We know that Las Vegas parents know their children best, so we work with you to insure the tutoring is enjoyable and efficient. Results-oriented and compassionate Las Vegas tutors are available now to help your child reach his or her full potential.

Our Tutoring Service

We offer our clients choice when searching for a tutor, and we work with you all the way through the selection process. When you choose to work with one of our tutors, expect quality, professionalism, and experience. We will never offer you a tutor that is not qualified in the specific subject area you request. We will provide you with the degrees, credentials, and certifications each selected tutor holds so that you have the same confidence in them that we do. And for your peace of mind, we conduct a nation-wide criminal background check, sexual predator check and social security verification on every single tutor we offer you. We will find you the right tutor so that you can find success!

Here Are Some Of Our English Tutor Profiles

Katherine K

Teaching Style

My passion is learning and my hope is to inspire in my students a genuine love of learning and to help them gain the skills necessary to become lifelong, independent learners. I believe all children can learn in an atmosphere that is encouraging, supportive and structured in such a way as to challenge without discouraging. I believe in authentic learning and in teaching through discovery. I have acquired many different techniques and tools over the years and have learned that there is no one style of teaching that fits all. One reason I enjoy tutoring is that I can take the time to truly know the student and to help them discover which tools work best for them. I strive to make a difference in each of my student's lives.

Experience Summary

I have been actively involved in the field of education for 26 years as a high school English teacher, an elementary reading teacher, and as a school librarian. My teaching career has been varied, including four years working in inner city public schools, 17 years in an exclusive private college preparatory school, and three years as the Director of library services for youth at risk. I graduated summa cum laude and am a member of Phi Beta Kappa with degrees in English, History, Secondary Education and Library Science and have minors in classical literature, romance languages and philosophy. I am a certified Reading Specialist and have trained with the LindaMood Bell reading program. I have worked as a newspaper reporter and done freelance editing and research for local authors. Over the years I have tutored students from elementary school to graduate school in English, history, research, study skills, composition and reading.


Type Subject Issued-By Level Year
Degree Certification Reading Specialist K-12 24 hours 2005
Degree Master Library Science University of Arizona MLS 1983
Degree Secondary Education Bemidji State University (MN) BS 1980
Degree English/History Arizona State University BA 1972

Kristin K

Teaching Style

I enjoy tutoring and working with students. I feel that I am a friendly, patient, and calm tutor. I put students at ease, help them to feel comfortable, and let them know they can ask questions. I can explain things in an informal, easy-to-understand manner, which is especially helpful for students who have trouble in school. My flexible teaching style helps me adapt and customize tutoring sessions to each individual student because learning is not one size fits all. I like to find things that the student understands and/or can relate to in order to explain and explore difficult concepts and topics.

Experience Summary

In addition to tutoring during high school, I have worked at an independent local tutoring company and at the local Huntington Learning Center since I've graduated college. As an English major, avid reader, and proficient writer, my specialty is English and SAT Verbal, but I can also tutor in other subjects. I've helped younger students with their homework and studying in subjects such as 8th grade science, 5th grade math (for a student in a Spanish immersion program), middle school and high school history/social studies and many others. Currently, I'm studying SAT math in order to be more adept at tutoring in various mathematics.


Type Subject Issued-By Level Year
Certification Yoga Triad Yoga Certified 2006
Degree English Guilford College BA 2005

Francis Eugene F

Teaching Style

I always enjoyed teaching. I often was able to teach high school English classes part-time even while I served as college advisor and Guidance Director in 2 different private high schools. I especially liked English literature. It was challenging to get teenage boys to like literature, so I often used videos & other visual aids to help them understand and enjoy reading good literature.

Experience Summary

I always wanted to be a teacher ever since I was in the upper grades of grammar school. After attending a private high school on scholarship, I earned another scholarship for university attendance. After graduating, I taught for 9 years in elementary schools. I taught part-time for the next 14 years in a private high school, and also served as college advisor. Since 2003, I have been teaching adults in driving classes part-time.


Type Subject Issued-By Level Year
Degree Education College of St. Rose MS 1966
Other English Literature Manhattan College Graduate-24 credits 1960
Degree English The Catholic University of America BA 1956

Randy R

Teaching Style

Teaching is truly the joy of my life. I enjoy seeing students discover their gifts, and then watching them develop them. My philosophy of teaching is one of interaction rather than lecture. Students learn more effectively when they are partners in the learning experience. Reading comprehension and writing skills are both areas where students must feel a sense of ownership in learning. Also, technology has provided a unique platform for helping students feel empowered, and they are better able to take an active role. Teaching has evolved over the past thirty years from a passive experience on the part of the student to an active one. I am happy to be a teacher during a progressive age.

Experience Summary

I have a broad background as an educator. My years in the classroom as both an English teacher and an assistant principal have given me a unique perspective in both curriculum and the needs of the individual student. Following my public school years, I have taught freshman English composition at a local community college as well as served as a tutor to middle and high school students. I have enjoyed guiding students in improving their writing and analytical skills. I am also excited by the advantages of using the Internet as a teaching tool to a generation of technology-savvy students.


Type Subject Issued-By Level Year
Certification English Education FL Dept of Education 6-12 2000
Certification Educational Administration FL Dept of Education 6-12 2000
Degree English Education University of NC at Pembroke, NC MA 1987

Melissa Rose M

Teaching Style

I want to teach students about themselves, others, and the world around them through literature and learning experiences. All information is presented in ways that all students can relate and understand core concepts to be successful in the classroom and in life. The most important achievement in my teaching career is for my students to evaluate information, discover topics they are passionate about, and realize they have a voice and can make a difference by becoming life long learners.

Experience Summary

Education is my life. From a very young age, I loved school and learning. It all started with my brother and his learning disability. I tutored him all throughout his academic career. In college I tutored elementary students through the CARE program. I then decided to be an English Education major and have been teaching ever since. Currently, I am finishing my graduate work at East Carolina University and working on the addition of TESL on to my teaching license. As a lifelong learner, I understand the importance of education and on researching the best methods of teaching to all students.


Type Subject Issued-By Level Year
Degree English, Education East Carolina University MAED 2008
Other Teaching English as a Second Language East Carolina University Graduate Level Courses 6-9 Credit Hours 2007
Degree English, Education Gardner-Webb University BA 2003
Certification English 6-9, 9-12 NC Continuing License 2003

Emily E

Teaching Style

My teaching style focuses on the needs of the student. I tend to access how the student learns best within the first 1-2 sessions and then I can work with the student in the way that is most beneficial to him or her. Each student has a ball of learning energy inside them that will come out if you encourage them. I love encouraging students and getting them excited about learning new things. I try to simplify concepts to make it easier to grasp and compare assignments to life situations. There aren't many people who care about how other people succeed, but I love to watch people grow as they learn new ideas, grasp new concepts, learn some new studying tips and succeed in their education.

Experience Summary

As a graduate with a BA in English and Spanish I have developed a love for languages. As an English major I have read hundreds of books and wrote scores of papers, which gave me excellent reading and grammar skills. Writing papers also helped me learn to critically analyze and interpret passages as well as whole books. Education outside of my university includes a month in Prague for a four week course to get a TEFL certificate (Teaching English as a Foreign Language). During that month we, the students, taught the Czech students English. When I spent four months in Spain, I tutored a girl who needed a little extra help with studying for her classes. We worked together twice a week on her Spanish assignments in the areas of Spanish history, grammar, phonetics and literature.


Type Subject Issued-By Level Year
Degree Linguistics FAU MA 2015
Degree English Longwood University BA 2006
Degree Spanish Longwood Uni & the American Institute BA, 18 credit hours 2006
Certification Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) TEFL Worldwide Prague course completetion 2005

Bryttani B

Teaching Style

I love working with children and seeing them grow. I KNOW that all children learn in different ways, and I feel that because I am a non-traditional teacher, that I can incorporate traditional and non-traditional pedagogies to find which way my students learn best. Education is the key in everyone’s life, and I feel that even though I am one person, that I can make a great impact in each of my students’ lives.

Experience Summary

As an early graduate, I consider myself to be driven and motivated to move any mountains that stand in my path to academic excellence. I've earned my BA in English and am currently working on my MA in English and African American Literature. This enables me to perfect my craft in writing, English and grammar, and because of this, I have tutored many students in those three areas.


Type Subject Issued-By Level Year
Degree English and African American Literature North Carolina A&T State University MA current
Certification Middle Grades Teaching North Carolina A&T State University 6 credit hours current
Degree English St. Augustine's College BA 2007

Natalie N

Teaching Style

With my tutoring experience I have learned that each child learns and comprehends material on an individual level. With that said, it is essential that a teacher understand his/her students' strengths and weaknesses. My goal is to help my students discover how they learn so that they will benefit from their education. In a tutoring atmosphere it is important for students to see how they can apply learning techniques to their future classrooms. Additionally, I believe that students gain the most from education when they are actively involved rather than becoming overwhelmed with information. In order to ensure their engagement, I will understand how they learn and present material accordingly. I am patient with children, and I am passionate that each child can excel if he/she is willing.

Experience Summary

I have earned two bachelor degrees, BA in Elementary Education and BA in English, and have had experience tutoring in both of these fields. As an education student I volunteered in elementary school classrooms and tutored students in a variety of subjects. I have spent the past three years in writing centers working with undergraduate and graduate students, helping them in paper organization, grammar, and concise writing. Additionally, I have worked in a local tutoring center where I aided students in a variety of subjects from preschool reading to high school SAT prep in English.


Type Subject Issued-By Level Year
Degree English Chapman University MA in process
Degree Elementary Education Vanguard University of Southern California BA 2007
Degree English Vanguard University of Southern California BA 2007
Certification CBEST Part of Education Degree Passed 2007

A Word From Previous Students and Parents

Amy Bekemeyer

Director of Counseling & Academic Advising, Montve

The administration and staff of Advanced Learners provide our students with effective, dedicated, well-qualified tutors.  They respond promptly to our requests and their dependability has surpassed any expectation. The professional competence of Adva...


Deb, M.

Celebration, FL

Elle met with Randy and it went extremely well. Elle learned a great deal from Randy and looks forward to continuing to work with him.

Jill C.

Orlando, FL

Caitlin made the honor roll for the first time ever this past quarter and I got to go to her first ceremony on Tuesday! She was so proud so I want to say thank you.