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Recent News

Advanced Learners announces the addition of a GED program for adult learners to be offered in multiple locations throughout Florida.  The small group learning environment is perfect for adult learners wanting to obtain a GED to enhance their skills and improve job prospects.

Company Announcements

2008–January: New website launch expected

Coming soon.  “A well informed parent will make a well informed decision.”

Our new web-site will offer general information about tutoring, suggested websites for parents and students, home school laws, descriptions of special programs we offer, school/business partnership opportunities, and so much more.

2007–September: Celebrating our 5-year anniversary

We are very excited to announce that we are entering our sixth year of business, meeting the academic needs of children across the country. As teachers and parents, we simply wanted to provide a service that parents needed and to treat them the way we wanted to be treated…with compassion, understanding and respect.  We must be doing something right! 

2007–August: Offering on-site Target Tutoring for the SAT

With the new larger space in our corporate office, we began offering the Target Tutoring for the SAT to local high school students. This great program unlike any other has had outstanding success!

2007–July: Moving to larger offices

With initial success during our first year of nationwide expansion, we outgrew our office space once again.  Over the summer of 2007, we planned for our move.  With a larger office, more computers, more employees, and better technology, we can now provide improved services to all of our parents and students. 

2006– May: Advanced Learners goes nationwide

With the success of recent expansions into new markets outside the state of Florida, and with the realization that there are many markets across the country without tutoring options for parents, we decided to take our business nationwide.  We remain independently owned, operated, and managed out of one office, providing each and every parent and student with the same level of caring, concern, and friendly professionalism. 

2005– December: TutorSelect changes its name to Advanced Learners

We chose to change our company name to better reflect the services we provide. Our purpose is to provide highly effective, personalized instruction in an environment that promotes self-confidence through academic improvement by utilizing the very best tutors available.

New market openings

1st Quarter – 2008

  • Billings, MT
  • Franklin, TN
  • Albuquerque, NM
  • Boise, ID
  • Nampa, ID
  • Idaho Falls, ID
  • Ft. Collins, CO
  • Lincoln, NE
  • St. Paul, MN
  • Fargo, ND
  • Cedar Rapids, IA

4th Quarter – 2007

  • Des Moines, IA
  • Minneapolis, MN
  • Ocala, FL
  • St. Augustine, FL
  • Tucson, AZ
  • Park City, UT
  • Reno, NV
  • Des Moines, IA
  • Bismarck, ND
  • Portland, OR

3rd Quarter – 2007

  • Nashville, TN
  • Casper, WY
  • Chattanooga, TN
  • Davenport, IA
  • Sioux Falls, SD
  • Madison, WI
  • Tacoma, WA
  • Daytona Beach, FL
  • Salt Lake City, UT
  • St. Paul, MN
  • Great Falls, MT
  • Scottsdale, AZ

2nd Quarter – 2007

  • Phoenix, AZ
  • San Diego, CA
  • Flagstaff, AZ
  • Jacksonville, FL
  • Ogden, UT
  • Provo, UT
  • Seattle, WA

1st Quarter – 2007

  • Boulder, CO
  • Knoxville, TN
  • Lake County, FL
  • Colorado Springs, CO