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Using a Tutor

No longer is using a tutor only for struggling school-age children. Learners of all ages and types are recognizing the power of asking for help. Utilizing the expertise of a tutor means the learning can take place quickly and efficiently, and now tutors are available to help you learn just about anything .

  • Test Preparation
  • Homework Help
  • Organization
  • Study Skills
  • Projects (from assignment to completion)
  • Basic Skill Gaps
  • Review of Previously Learned Material
  • Writing Assignments
  • Book Reports
  • Learning a Foreign Language (for school or for travel)
  • Learning to Play a Musical Instrument
  • To Improve Job Performance (typing, computer, public speaking)
  • Improve Presentation Skills
  • Preparing Reports
  • Teach New Subjects (not offered at your school)
  • Online Learning Courses
  • Homeschooling (supplemental or complete instruction)
  • Preparation for Advanced Placement classes or testing
  • Enrichment in a Favorite Subject
  • Preparation for Upcoming School Year (subjects and skills)