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Standardized State Testing Sites


National Websites

The Nation's Report Card -
Testing Facts -
US Dept of Education -
National Center of Education Statistics -


State by State Resources


AIMS - Arizona's Instrument to Measure Standards



CST - California Standards Tests
CAT/6 – California Achievement Tests 3rd and 7th



CSAP - Colorado Student Assessment Program
COACT - Colorado ACT
Colorado NAEP - National Assessment of Educational Program



FCAT – Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test



CRCT - Criterion-Referenced Competency Tests
EOCT - End of Course Tests
GHSGT - Georgia High School Graduation Tests
Georgia Writing Assessments



IRI – Idaho Reading Indicator
IDMA - Idaho Direct Math Assessment
IDWA - Idaho Direct Writing Assessment
Idaho Standards Achievement Tests


Iowa Assessment

ITBS - Iowa Test of Basic Skills
ITED - Iowa Tests of Educational Development



MCA - Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments – Series II
GRAD - Graduation-Required Assessments for Diploma
Minnesota Writes!
Minnesota Testing and Assessments



MontCAS - Montana Comprehensive Assessment System
NRT – the Iowa State Tests
CRT - Criterion-Referenced Competency Tests



STARS – School-based Teacher-led Assessment and Reporting System


Nevada Proficiency Examination Program (NPEP)
CRCT - Criterion-Referenced Competency Tests
HSPE - High School Proficiency Examination
ITBS - Iowa Test of Basic Skills
ITED - Iowa Tests of Educational Development


New York

New York State Assessments


North Carolina

North Carolina Testing Program
EOY – End of Year
EOG  - End of Grade
EOC – End of Course
North Carolina Writing Assessments



OCCT - Oklahoma Core Curriculum Tests
EOI – End-of-Instruction



Oregon Statewide Assessment Test
CIM - Certificate of Initial Mastery (OR)


South Dakota

DSTEP - Dakota State Testing of Educational Progress
Stanford 10 Abbreviated
Stanford 9 Writing



TCAP - Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program
EOC – End of Course tests



UBSCT - Utah Basic Skills Competency Test
CRCT - Criterion-Referenced Competency Tests
NRT – The Iowa State Tests


Washington State

WASL - Washington Assessment of Student Learning



WKCE - Wisconsin Knowlege Concepts Examination


Wyoming Assessment Tests

PAWS - Proficiency Assessments for Wyoming Students